Welcome to our web site dedicated to all animal lovers and specially to those who love the Sacred Cat of Burma

We are a small and familiar breeder. Our cats live together with us at home, they do not remain locked as they are part of our environment and our lives. They are the ones who take care of us, those who teach us every day how to walk without making noise, how you can talk with your eyes and how to transmit peace and serenity. We are lucky and we hope we can share some of our love and admiration towards this breed.

Before meeting this wonderful cat, you are seduced by its magical name that evokes the splendors and mysteries of the East. As soon as it is known, you realize that the sacred cat is unique. Unique are its white gloves, its intense blue eyes and its silky hair. This cat belongs to the group of semi-long hair cats but his hair does not need a daily maintenance. It is a smart cat, easy to educate and able to adapt perfectly to any situation and life in a flat, but if it has the opportunity it likes to go out to the garden, where it is a good hunter. But above all, it needs is an attentive and lovely owner.

Criadero registrado (WCF nº 25211G)